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The White Saddle Band


Prime Country, Country Rock, some Blues and a good bit of Rock & Roll. Tight harmonies and top shelf musicianship have made TWSB a Midwest mainstay for quite some time.

On The Air

OTA Listen Live

Harmoniously joined at the hip,
Jim Bartholomew & Rich Nelson, as OTA play radio songs, harmony songs, songs that just might take you back to that very first time. Songs you know and more important, songs you like.

Rich Nelson


Old Town Chicago coffee houses, rock bands, country bands, an Elvis band, solo, duo and trio work, local and national stages, all combine to enable Rich to draw from a rather deep well.

8 Miles South


Little Feat, Dr. John, The Doobies,
The Allman Brothers. You get the idea.
it's ALWAYS a party when 8MS takes the stage. VERY hard to get, book 'em when you can!

Diamondback / DB3


Diamondback...The house band at the INFAMOUS Carol's Pub in Chicago for almost 20 years, workin' 9 to 5 (by the way, that's AM folks!), is takin' it to the streets. Classic Country and some kick ass Honky Tonk makes it a party where ever Diamondback sets up shop. Also available as a trio, DB3.