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With On The Air, and special guest Derek Crawford on all things percussion, for our monthly visit to Vaughan's, at the corner of Northwest Highway and Austin, in Chicago. ALWAYS a great time at Vaughan's! We hit at 8:00.


I'll be with DB3 (The trio version of Chicago Country Music legends Diamondback) at
Perry's Pizza, 711 Devon Avenue in Park Ridge. C'mon out for what I'm told is a great pizza AND some great music from DB3. Food AND music wise, I'm a Perry's virgin. I assume everyone will be nice and gentle.


It's back to Vaughan's, with On The Air and all the usual suspects, to enjoy great music (if I DO say so myself), great food and as always, the PERFECTLY poured pint.


A Private (as they should be ) affair with Diamondback in Wilmette.


Another solo adventure. This time it's a Cinco de Mayo party. It's also Dolores' birthday!!!


Back at Vaughan's w/ On The Air. It's ALWAYS a great time...


Thanks to Johnny Nash...